Unique to the process of selling or merging churches, each of our representatives being experienced and involved in church leadership, we understand there are sensitive issues that accompany each situation which affect district leaders, pastors, staff and congregations. These issues are a heart matter for us. We have developed and recommend a customized “transition plan” we fully implement, assist or direct this process. Plans include individual and group dialogue as well as full board and congregational notifications and sessions. Our team is credentialed and trained to handle these situations.


VISION CHURCH REAL ESTATE demonstrates expertise in every characteristic and facet of brokerage. We employ both traditional and creative marketing techniques to bring buyers, sellers and tenants together for the best possible results by exposing them to local, national and international real estate markets.


VISION CHURCH REAL ESTATE offers certified church appraisal services. We are capable to performing every type of property evaluation. Our clients include churches, universities, corporations, accounting firms, financial lending institutions as well as individual clients. In some cases, a formal appraisal may not be required or necessary. In those instances we provide letters of Broker Property Opinions. We are equipped to manage needs that fit the client's purpose and budget. We adhere strictly to national and federal guidelines of the highest professional standard and code of ethics in appraisal.


VISION CHURCH REAL ESTATE is frequently engaged to evaluate, recommend and lead in real estate areas which are unfamiliar to our clients. We are a relationship-based company and encourage clients to develop a strategic plan including real estate as a vital part of that process. Our clients vary in size and needs from church plants to mega institutions. By thorough research and valuation, we develop an executive summary recommending best practices and a course of action unique to each client.


VISION CHURCH REAL ESTATE provides on-site management of church expansions and construction as well as compliance management. We assist by engaging recommendations for architects, engineering, design, zoning and code issues, functional utility, capacity, construction types, contractor bidding, permitting and all other facets. We thoroughly evaluate every aspect of the construction and consider value engineering where possible to keep the project at or under budget while not compromising quality. We provide timely, accurate financial and business records and documentation concerning each asset managed for the project. We shall always act as a fiduciary for our Client and exert due diligence for the management and protection of our Client’s funds and assets.


VISION CHURCH REAL ESTATE is currently working on church building sales, residual land sales, church purchases and a merger. The merger includes a “transition plan” for the churches involved. We are in the process of a demographic and analytical study to determine the best geographical location which meets a set of predetermined criteria to attract the greatest (highest) number of individuals and households which best responds to the intended ministry format.


  • General Superintendents, District Superintendents, District Bishops
  • Local Pastorsgdhhfh
  • Church Boards of Directors
  • Church Search Committees
  • Loan/Lending Application Preparation
  • Real Estate Donation Liquidation/Valuation
  • Tax Evaluation/Appraisal Issue Resolution
  • Church Expansion Projects
  • Church Relocation Analysis
  • Residual Land Sales
  • University Campus Expansion and Appraisal

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